Best crypto trade apps

Cryptocurrencies are the most developing and interesting phenomenon of the latest ten years. In time the attitude to them have changed a lot. Previously they have been counted as a disable nonsense. However today Bitcoin and other ones have become a profitable place for investing costs. There have appeared a lot of markets that offer the exchanging coins. Crypto trade sites today are playing great role that influences the price of coins. However, before the checking all best crypto trade platform, we should consider Bitcoin, as an example of cryptocurrency, itself.

Bitcoin appeared in 2008 – immediately after the Occupy Wall Street movement, which was accused large banks of misusing borrowers’ money, cheating customers, interfering with the financial system and extra fees. The pioneers of bitcoin dreamed of transferring responsibility for transactions to sellers, removing intermediaries, cancelling interest rates and making transactions transparent in order to avoid corruption and limit fees. They created a decentralized system in which everyone could control their own funds and understand what was happening to them. In a relatively short time, bitcoin has gained impressive popularity. Companies all over the world accept it: from such giants as Dell, Expedia, PayPal and Microsoft to a private clinic in Warsaw and Burger King Franchisees in Russia. Bitcoin advertise websites on the Internet, thematic media publish news about it, and major online forums for years discuss the topic of crypto-currency and issue their own coins. The system has its own programming interface (API), price index and exchange rate. Of course, there are also problems: crackers, high volatility and transaction delays. However, in some countries of the third world, bitcoins can become the most reliable channel for receiving or transferring money.

In simple terms, the word “bitcoin” refers to either the virtual currency or the technology on which it is based. With the currency, you can make transactions – pay for purchases, receive transfers and exchange it for cash. For transactions, a special address is used, encrypted with a 16-character key. The buyer decodes the code to transfer the bitcoins to the specified address. In other words, the crypto currency is a digital exchange that allows you to buy or sell goods and services. The transaction is verified in a peer-to-peer computer network, which is similar to Skype or Bit Torrent.

Several main advantages make Bitcoin very popular and effective today

The first one is irreversibility. After confirmation, the transaction cannot be cancelled. Under no circumstances. No one can interfere in the process – neither you, nor your bank, nor the president, nor Satoshi Nakamoto, nor your miner. No one. If you send money, you send it. Dot. If you sent your money to a fraudster or a hacker stole them from your computer – no one will help you. The second one is anonymity. Neither transactions nor accounts are associated with any entities of the real world. You get bitcoins on a so-called address, which is a random string of about 30 characters. Typically, you can track the flow of transactions, but the address does not need to be at least somehow connected with the real identity of the user. Speed and global reach are also important. Information about the transaction is distributed on the network almost instantly and is confirmed in a couple of minutes. Since the whole process takes place in a global computer network, your physical location does not matter. No difference, you send bitcoin to your neighbour or someone on another continent. Security maybe is the key point of crypto systems. The balance of bitcoins is fixed in a cryptographic system with a public key. Only the owner of a private key can send crypto-currency to other addresses. Cryptography and the magic of large numbers make this scheme almost invulnerable to hacking. The last one is deregulation. You do not need to ask someone for permission to use the crypto currency. It is just software, which is available to everyone. Having installed it, you can receive and send bitcoins or other crypto-currencies.

These advantages make Bitcoin a very good product to trade. Today more and more cryptotraders are coming to the market. In different countries work different markets with their own service, crypto trade app and crypto trade sites. In Canada and in United States of America the most popular places are Coinbase and LocalBitcoins. In Europe it is BitBargain UK and Bittylicious. They are also have crypto trading bot of their own.
Nevertheless, this variety of the market does not reflect any diversity of users. They only thing that differs is location. Best crypto trade apps may be in USA, but its analogue in Europe are also good. Trading using crypto trade bot is also possible, and you need only access to the internet. In addition, if to take in to the consideration the current price – trading can bring a real wealth to anyone, who has a wish.