Crypto trade guide for beginners

Cryptocurrency is becoming one of the most attractive places to invest and trade. The prices are going high and the expectation are positive. However, it does not mean that there are no recommendation for the new ones on the market. Trading the coins of the cryptocurrency is a specific business that requires some considering of its principles of the work. We should answer: what is crypto trade? This cryptotrader review will help you to gain knowledge about it. For more information find on the internet “cryptotrader reddit”.

What is crypto trade

Crypto trading is one of the main ways to earn money on a crypto currency. Trading tokens crypto currency is insignificantly different from trading in precious metals, currencies and shares. The main task remains the same: to buy as cheaply as possible, to sell more expensively and to make a profit. The main difference between the trading of the cryptocurrency and the stock market is the high volatility of the exchange rate. Many traders dream of a profit of thousands of percent of the deal, but the stock market has to wait for years to buy such shares of little-known companies in anticipation of growth in their capitalization. At the same time, quick deals with high profitability are not unusual for crypto trading.

Start a successful trading crypto currency from scratch is impossible. Deciding to invest free funds in the trade of crypto currency should, first of all, prepare a knowledge base. For successful trading, any crypto trade guide will have you to learn basic skills: carry out analysis of the currency and the volume of its trading; use graphs and encodings; conclude sales and purchase transactions; track the history of trading. There are some crypto trade simulators on the internet that will help you to learn.

When evaluating the prospects for crypto currency, one should pay attention to the following aspects: for what idea the crypto currency has been created and how much it can be claimed; the speed of transactions and the convenience of working with coins; professionalism of the development team.
The combination of these factors ensures an increase in the capitalization of the cryptocurrency and, correspondingly, its value. Graphs reflect the history of the growth of the coins rate in relation to another cryptocurrency. Graphs can be made using the interface of exchanges, indicating a different time interval and selecting different trading pairs. With his help, we can conclude how reasonable the current price is and give a preliminary forecast for a further change in value.

According to the history of trading and volumes, the overall liquidity of the cryptocurrency is checking, as far as it is of interest to users, the demand for it is growing or decreasing.

Based on the knowledge that gained, it can be concluded that the profitability of the crypto currency is predictable, to forecast its movement and to make a profitable transaction.

To complete a trade, a trader must place an order, selecting a trading pair for exchange and indicating the number of coins he wants to sell and their value. Stroke and close orders can be non-stop, but the most preferable is the American and Asian time. It is during this period that there is a particularly high activity, which provides an opportunity to more accurately predict the course and make a quick deal. That is how crypto trade capital is building.

Crypto trade simulator

The most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin in December 2017 overcame the mark of $ 20,000. Its main advantage is a limited amount of capitalization – 21 million coins. This means that each new bitcoin purchased reduces the number of remaining coins. This trend allows growing bitcoin in geometric progression. Thanks to the active investment in bitcoin, the whole crypto-currency market, including altcoins, which are characterized by good volatility and liquidity, is thriving.

In connection with the phenomenal growth of bitcoin in 2017, more and more investors are ready to risk their money. Crypto-currency trading attracts more and more new speculators – both beginners and experienced.

High liquidity of digital cash prompts the creation of new cryptocurrencies. Now, the market has more than a thousand coins of various cryptocurrency. However, most cryptocurrencies are not in demand due to the huge number of capitalization. However, there are 10 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, which are highly volatile, and reasonable investments in them are capable of yielding excellent dividends. In order to make money on crypto-currency trading it is necessary to be able to predict correctly the future price movement.

Crypto trade software is not a very sophisticated thing. All deals can be traded by the personal computers, but the power of it should be higher than in usual one. It will save your time on the stock markets in any case.

The other possible variant to earn with cryptocurrencies is mining the coins. However, today it is no so profitable.